courtney. i like making gifs and fangirling over boy bands. jeremy and tyler make me really unhappy. i'm sitting in a corner crying over shameless while teen wolf constantly makes me question my sanity.

Wow, you guys. It’s been a year. A year since the first National Jyler Day. Over a year since we started talking. I absolutely love every one of you with my entire heart. I knew I wanted to make something to commemorate this occasion, but I apologize, because I ended up making this last minute. I tried to leave in little inside jokes or things that basically symbolize us, and I hope I did good. Granola bars because…well, most of us know that. And if you don’t, it’s because it’s absolutely repulsive. Jyler because we’re the Jyler Family. Among those two things are other fandoms we have in common, and even little things - like Skype and our Secret Santa.

I just…I’ve tried putting into words how much you all mean to me, and I’ve struggled. I thought recording a video would make it easier, but it was just harder because I recorded over 20 minutes of rambling and ended up deleting it. It’s physically impossible to do, obviously. Just know that you guys are incredibly important to me and I would be a different person if I hadn’t met you all. I’ll try, I guess. I just really love you all, so much. More than most of my real life friends, and we’ve never even officially met and been in the same room together - well, not technically. Our voices have been. I miss our chats and our nights watching TVD and Teen Wolf, and even our random movie nights where we watched movies like The Lion King 2 and TiMER.

I love how absolutely close we are. We’ve had Skype calls and been up all night. For example, Amber, Amoz, and I spent all of New Year’s Eve together, til 5 in the morning my time - that would be 6 in Amber’s time. All because of two teenage boys on a show about vampires. We’ve had multiple movie nights and we’ve had fun torturing each other - all in good fun, of course. But some of us like things that the others hate - and we don’t even care. We don’t even acknowledge it, most of the time. We’ve never had a real disagreement or conflict, and we all get along so perfectly. Not to mention, we’ve converted each other into liking certain things - me with Teen Wolf, Ashley with Big Time Rush, which eventually led to me and Ashley shoving Big Time Rush on all of you, and whether you liked it or not, most of you were unable to resist. I’m looking at you most, Amber and Kelsey.

We have no secrets. There’s a no limits/no boundaries/no privacy pact in this family. Poor Nick has listened to us rant about periods. You all have listened to me rant about the dumb motherfucker guy I used to be somewhat in love with. Can you imagine if we lived together? No privacy, at any time, at all. We’d always know everything about each other, and it would bring us even closer. It would probably end up being a mess, but we’d love it anyways. 

But I wouldn’t want it any other way. We’ve ended up watching a new, better show together, although the old one still sits in our hearts. We’ve celebrated birthdays and other achievements. We’ve laughed until our sides hurt, and cried until we’re out of tears. We’ve exchanged presents for Christmas. We’ve celebrated Jyler once a month, every month, for a year. We’ve done it all.

If we do ever end up living together in Boston, I know that it will be amazing and some of the best times of my life will occur there. I look forward to more amazing, fun-filled nights with you on Skype, and here’s to another year, yeah? ;)

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